Depending on where you go, club speaker systems can be some of the best around. The acoustics of the room add a whole new dimension that’s hard to replicate in outdoor festival scenarios. And while some clubs use top-of-the-line equipment, there’s always room for improvement. And that’s where Dolby Laboratories comes in.

Dolby is well-known in the home theater realm, designing top-notch appliances for your home entertainment systems. However, their newest venture is taking them out of the home and into the club, offering surround sound systems for venues that are willing. Dubbed the Dolby Atmos, this new system will offer listeners a totally immersive experience unlike anything around right now. In the words of Gabe Cory, the product manager of Dolby Atmos:

A club that has been outfitted with a Dolby Atmos set-up will give audiences a unique and high-quality audio experience they’ve never had before. This sets the venue apart and also draws in forward thinking artists and DJs that want to push the boundaries by mixing their music in Dolby Atmos. When you hear the difference between a set mixed in stereo versus Dolby Atmos, there’s no comparison.

Clubs that decide to install the Atmos system will undoubtedly receive major attention from both fans and artists. But it’s not as simple as plug and play, unfortunately. Producers will  require an extra plugin in their DAW that will allow them to create a 3-D sound map of their track. The finished song can then be loaded into Dolby’s DJ app, where the location of the sounds can further be experimented with in real-time. This offers some serious potential for certain artists, and Dolby is partnering with some artists to roll-out this new idea. The names of those involved have not been disclosed yet, stay tuned for information!