With the numbers just in, we can all stare in awe at the ridiculous achievement Adele just accomplished. In the span of a single week, Adele’s much-anticipated album “25” has sold over 3 million copies—3.38 million to be exact in the US alone. That number is all the more impressive considering we’re in the digital era of music where the act of buying actual albums has become so rare. To put that number into perspective, that is the largest ever recorded sales number in one week by Nielsen Music, since the company began tracking music sales in 1991. On top of all this, “25” is the second album to sell over 2 million copies in a week and only the 20th release to sell over 1 million copies in that time frame. All this goes to show the incredible feat achieved by Adele and her team.

If anything, this demonstrates that with the right amount of marketing, quality, and talent, people across the globe will still take that extra step to spend $10.99.

Source: Billboard