What’s great to dance to, game to, or just chill out to? Well if you’re a glitch hop fan, then Cryptex may just be your new go to. This growing artist recently released an EP that picks up on the juiciest elements of the grand and the grungy. Nightwatch sometimes sounds like a cutscene from the Halo game universe and then at just the right moment hits you with volley after volley of that dirty bumping bass you crave.

A bit more expansive than more traditional industrial glitch artists, Cryptex manages to shift between compelling synth lines and strings sequences with ease. It’s as if you’re on the precipice of a cliff dive and then instead of jumping you see the skies open up into a meteor shower. That’s the kind of surprising sound blend you get during its best moments. So prepare to tap into your greatness and enjoy Nightwatch by Cryptex by following the link below: