Martin Garrix is continuing his evolution as a taste-maker. Between the announcement of his own label and regular mix event, the Martin Garrix Show, it’s clear that the youngster wants to impart more than just his own productions on his fans.

Said evolution continues with Garrix’s now regularly updated Spotify playlist which features the best in electronic music according to the 19-year-old Dutchman. Including everything from Daft Punk to Nora En PureKeys N Krates, and San Holo it’s evident that Garrix listens to all kinds of music and this compilation speaks volumes to what his label is expected to employ upon its birth.

Encompassing 34 tracks and 2 hours of playtime, it serves to function as a perfect party playlist for your Saturday night festivities or great listening on your next road trip. Either way, it’s definitely worth a gander if you’re into electronic dance music – even for those who aren’t huge fans of Martin Garrix – as there is plenty to love from a plethora of well-represented genres. Check it out below!