$unday $ervice and Benasis have been repeatedly popping up in my Soundcloud feed as of late, so I was admittedly dumbfounded when I came across this gargantuan collab. It’s been two hours since I first listened to it, and I still can’t pick my chin up off the ground.

The track opens with an impertinent rap lead layered over an ominous trap bounce. As the vocals drop out, a scratchy riser and light snare push you to the edge of your seat, making the anticipation for the drop almost unbearable. Rico Act reminds you that he runs it at the hook, and what comes next is the source of my possibly permanent angry-face. In an almost Excision-like pandemonium, a rising snarl uppercuts you in the jaw while a colossal sub tears your speakers a new one. Distorted wubs and accentuated breaks add to the utter anarchy, and you’re left speechless wondering why dubstep hasn’t become an official religion yet. I was honestly motionless during the drop – stuck in disbelief – with my hand in my hair.

The second verse reveals a similar vibe to the first, with the only difference being a change in Rico’s lyrics. However, the final drop has a special surprise that you’ll need quality speakers or headphones to really experience. Listen to the track below and give $unday $ervice and Benasis a follow; they truly deserve it.