Being privy to music before it comes out is one of the great advantages of being in my line of work. However, the unfortunate side to it is that I can’t tell anyone. That being said, there’s more to this track than meets the eye, but there’s so much already found within this one piece that it’s quite enough to hold you over for a while.

Stephen’s latest masterpiece is “Crossfire,” a woefully deep and powerful song focused on a heavy weight on his shoulders. Stephen’s manager Wade Davis wrote on Facebook,

“About a year ago Stephen and I were sitting next to my pool having introspective conversations about life over glasses of cheap red wine.

I asked him what weight he was carrying and he went on to explain to me that he couldn’t fathom what he did to deserve being born into privilege. All while others were being born everyday into circumstances they stood no chance at surviving.

Some short amount of time later, he shared “Crossfire” with me. “It was a purge of those feelings, that weight” he said.

I think the themes and emotions of the record are more relevant now than ever.

Very proud today, and everyday, of this kid. Hope the world appreciates this one as much as we all do.”

Stephen is among a growing number of artists who have come out this year who bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic. Artists such as Crywolf, Dabin, Evoke, Siren, and Grabbitz are leading the charge in vocally producing their own work, and it just feels so much more intimate.

I can’t wait to show you what else Stephen has in store for 2016. It’s gonna be a big year for him.