Martin Garrix has proven himself time and time again as a stellar solo artist, from his sets to his productions. But now the youngster is taking serious steps to establish himself as a taste-maker.

From the creation of his own label to his regularly updated and widely varied Spotify playlists, Garrix has proven that he wants to help other musicians further their careers as well. Now he’s taken that a step further, bringing the one and only¬†Justin Mylo along with him on tour as a special guest performer.

Of course, the #3 DJ in the world drops some unreleased music as well, most notably his seemingly revamped collab with Hardwell “Music Box”¬†– which you’ll find in part 3 of the performance videos below – as well as some incredible new mashups in part 4 which put on display just how much versatility the Dutchman brings to the table.