Do you ever find yourself shaking your head in disgust with every little thing Kygo does? Are steel drums and pan flutes the bane of your existence? With the tropical house explosion of the past year and a half, you could be forgiven for thinking of yourself as the only tropical house hater out there, but regretfully I tell you that you’re far from alone. In fact, even tropical house hero Thomas Jack seems to be sick of it.

In an interview with Noisey, Thomas Jack expressed his lack of interest in the genre which he described as “two years ago” before really going into it.

“…a lot of people started copying off it and started changing the style of it. People would go grabbing, like, 90s pop songs and putting fuckin’ flutes over them, it became so annoying that I’m over it and I don’t even wanna do it anymore.”

Moving on to the genre’s future, Thomas Jack basically spelled out what’s more or less been in the back of our minds for some time now.

“This genre has impacted on commercial radio. This time next year, tropical house will not be the same. I wanna still hold my name as an artist and not become way, way, way commercial. I don’t wanna be limited to the name of a genre.”

True as that may be with regards to tropical house production, Jack’s statements don’t quite seem to line up with what the DJ has been up to the past few days seeing as he’s just wrapped up his 7 show Tropical Express Tour  – the first ever all tropical house lineup tour across the US.

It’ll be interesting to see what Thomas Jack produces in the future, but for the time being Jack is scared of being stuck with that “tropical house” label.

“I just wanna be Thomas Jack and do my thing. I fear that, in a year, I’m gonna be jammed in this corner. And everyone’s gonna know me as just that.”

H/T: Noisey | Featured Image Source: Beatport