Mad Decent upstart, 4B, has become a force to be reckoned with over the past year. His aggressive style of Jersey Club has seen support from a wide variety of dance music’s most influential acts including Diplo, DJ Snake, Skrillex, and more. At Nocturnal Wonderland, 4B joined Slander on stage to play an unreleased track of his that ignited the crowd in front of them. The track is now seeing the light of day and comes in the form of a collaboration with AAZAR titled “POP DAT.”

Sampling the famous opening line from Luke’s “I Wanna Rock,” 4B and AAZAR truly meld their unique styles into one for this collaboration that could be one of the biggest festival trap anthems of 2015. Starting with a growling bass intro, the pair of producers waste no time building up into a chaotic, jungle terror-infused drop. Morphing the screeching melody onto 4B’s pulsating jersey club backbone to end the track, “POP DAT” is sure to be a track that carries its way all the way into the start of the 2016 festival season. You can listen below and grab the free download here.