Steve Aoki has created, or helped to create, a vast variety of iconic songs over the course of his long career. Perhaps one of the most iconic, genuine, and great tracks in his repertoire remains “Boneless,” with Chris Lake & Tujamo. The bouncy rhythm and catchy bassline are perfect for any dancefloor and it still gets played like mad, even though it’s two years old (10 years in EDM time).

The same could be said about Tiësto, whose career spans even longer and more internationally. From “Adagio For Strings” to “Red Lights” and “Wasted,” Tiësto knows how to make a hit. In the past year, however, it could be argued that he’s forgone originality for cashing in, something that others might call “selling out.”

In a preview uploaded to Souncloud early today, we get a taste of his next collaboration, a track with Tony Junior called “Get Down.” Tiësto jumps on the bass house wagon, because, you know, it’s popular at the moment, and the track isn’t all that terrible for what it is. Unfortunately, it bears a striking resemblance to “Boneless.”

The likelihood of Tiësto hearing “Boneless” and thinking, “Yeah, I want that” is basically nil. That doesn’t mean that the similarity couldn’t have been noticed during production and brought up to Tijs & co.

Similarities and omages will happen in music – there are only so many chords, after all. But in an industry where creativity and originality are so highly lauded, it should also be striven for. And I just don’t see that here.

Thanks to We Got This Covered for catching it.