Between his This Mixtape Is Fire EP and the other’s hit single “Street”, Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE, respectively, have conquered 2015 in the world of bass music. But what would it be like if these two minds came up with a tune together?

Well, this collaboration might be coming sooner than we thought!

If you’re a big fan of Dillon Francis and his Snapchat shenanigans (like we are), then you might have noticed that he displays many previews of what he’s working on by himself or in collaboration with his peers. In his latest preview, he shares seconds of his collaboration with the one and only NGHTMRE. Even with plenty of time to play the role of EDM’s class clown, Dillon Francis continues to prove his hustle in one way or another

Although the preview is less than ten seconds, the moombah style that Dillon Francis has become well known for is blaring off of his laptop as his cell phone zooms in and out to the rhythm of his new fire in the form of this banger. Until we hear the full thing fleshed out, we won’t know how much of the soundscape is NGHTMRE’s doing and how the final product will sound.

Until the day that this collaboration might see the light of day, check out this nine-second preview below of this Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE track.