There is so much great house music coming out Australia right now. Though genres like Trap and Melbourne Bounce are some of their bigger exports, house music and all its subgenres has also done well there too. Human Movement are apart of that group, but have set themselves apart with some seriously dark, underground tunes. Though duo of 19-year old Blake Gilray and 21-year old Edward MacDonald are younger than most house artists, their Dancing Room EP has already proven that age has nothing to do with skill.

In just a year, Human Movement have been featured on both Australia’s illustrious triple j radio, and in H&M stores across the world. They’ve even managed to start their own label BEHM, which is home to Dancing Room. While a year seems like a short amount of time, Human Movement have grown so much, especially when it comes to their sound.

The Dancing Room EP is a reflection of how our music is constantly progressing. We wanted it to move away from our earlier releases whilst still keeping our sound. I think as artists, the best thing to do when making music, is always try new things. Experimenting with new textures and melodies is what keeps it interesting for us.

Dancing Room features four tracks, including the titular lead single. This minimal house groove features a driving bassline and eerie down-pitched vocals that’s perfect for any after hours/Boiler Room type DJ set. That sound carries seamlessly over to “Robots Have A Voice,” then again into “Better Off Dead” ft. Eekkoo. Deadmau5’s prodigy teams up with Human Movement to deliver that familiar, tech-house that Mau5trap has been bringing us through Rezz and Matt Lange this past year. Closing out the EP is the appropriately titled “5am,” which is most likely the best time of day to hear Human Movement’s full, sensual vibes. Even though each track on Dancing Room can stand alone, this latest effort from the Australian duo feels like a 20-minute continuous mix of hypnotic underground beats that you definitely need to have on your playlists right now.

Dancing Room EP is out now on iTunes.