Amoeba Music has already reached legendary-status as a record store. Few West-Coast retailers can contend with the shop, at least now that Tower Records is no more, and their prestigious catalogue never fails to disappoint patrons. But what if I told you Amoeba was about to get even better? Like, go-down-in-history better? Would you believe me?

Well, it seems like the gods are smiling down on us, because it was just announced that Amoeba has plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary inside their Berkeley location. The shop on Telegraph Ave is the flagship store for the company, so it’s only fitting that this venture be debuted there. Imagine buying some records and an eighth, without ever having to leave the building. The future is looking bright friends.

Consequence of Sound conducted an interview with co-owner and co-founder of Amoeba Music, Marc Weinstein, who offered a little more insight into the plan. He also touched upon his opinions of the relationship between weed and music, saying while it’s not an exact substitute, it’s pretty damn close.

Check it out below!