In one short 3-minute and 14-second long video, a start-up called Altwork made everyone wish they had $3,900 to bow. Based out of California, the small company set out to revolutionize how people worked by developing a workstation like you’ve never seen before. This built-in-one chair, table and monitor stand allows anyone to work from (almost) any position they desire. From sitting to standing and laying completely flat on your back, you can pretty much configure the workstation however you like.

Now you might be wondering why we’re covering this; well other than possibly software engineers, few other professions force you to spend as much time sitting at a computer as music production. As the video below will tell you, it’s no secret that sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. It impacts your creativity, productivity and it’s overall bad for your health. So with that in mind, this workstation is pretty much a dream come true for producers. Now the catch, currently you can pre-order an Altwork Station for $3,900 but that’s only for a limited time. Sadly, once the promotional discount is over, the station will jump to a pretty steep $5,900. If you’ve got the disposable income then go right ahead to Altwork Station’s website and for everyone else, you can drool over the video below.

Shipments start mid-2016.

Obligatory Wall-E reference: