Jauz has been on fire this past year and his most recent release, a remix of Knife Party‘s “PLUR Police,” has been setting dance floors across the world ablaze with its massive sound. It seems the producer is going to stay true to his earliest productions and keep up the dubstep trend, teasing a new track Friday night at Beta Nightclub in Colorado.

Luckily, one of our staff members was able to film the track, which you can view below. The song starts off with some huge lead saws, a tease of the bass-heavy frenzy that’s about to take place. A simple build gives way to an assault of wubs that clearly had the club going off – and we simply can’t wait for this one to be released.

Check it out below! (song ends at 1:25)

And it seems that Colorado lived up to its reputation, setting the smoke alarms off for about 20 minutes during Jauz’s set. While there’s no official word behind what set off the alarms, I can only hope the abundance of legal weed was a contributing factor.

Unreleased Jauz @ Beta Nightclub – Your EDM from Lucas Sachs on Vimeo.