If you’re a true lover of raw, grimy, forward thinking bass music, then it’s quite possible this will be the most gratifying hour of music you’ll hear this year. BIOS, head honcho of the illustrious Saturate! Records, has teamed up with Mana to bring you the Saturated Winter Mixtape: a sonic journey through the minds of the scene’s most off-the-wall beat hustlers. From West Coast staples like G Jones and The OriGinALz to international favorites such as Subp Yao and Conrank, there’s not a down note throughout the entire mix; in fact, we’re amazed this many epic sounds could be squeezed into such a short time period. BIOS and Mana put in a ton of work on this and it shows; each transition is utterly seamless and the track selection is beyond on point. Best of all, almost 90% of these tunes are unreleased. Press play and you’ll literally be listening to the future of bass music.

And while the mix is dope in and of itself, there’s still more to love! Saturated Winter serves as a preview for both Saturated Vol. 5, the record label’s highly sought after compilation series, and as a preview for BIOS‘ debut EP, Ashki Chronicles. We’re still waiting on an official date for the compilation, but the latter release is set to drop on January 9th via Slit Jockey Records and will be accompanied by a summer tour of the US. So, there’s plenty to look forward to from Saturate! in the coming year. In the meantime, we’ve linked to a track from Ashki Chronicles, as well as some previews from Saturated Vol. 5, after the jump; happy listening!


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