Ah, Christmas… What other holiday is it normal for folks to go ham on and adorn their homes with lights, tacky lawn fare, and a slew of recycled ornaments from years before. It can be either as grand or as bland as you’d like, it all depends how much work you’re willing to throw into expressing that Christmas spirit. For one man, this is life. Matt Phipps, the 25-year-old founder of Livermore Lights, is a bit of a champion when it comes to visual programming. Despite fierce competition from a grandma, Phipps was the hands-down winner of ABC Network’s The Great Christmas Light Fight. 

Now, just hold on a second! This has nothing to do with electronic music, the clip’s music blows, and it’s all quite irrelevant.

But let me show you something…

First, you must play this beloved classic and mute the ear vomit on the actual video.

Yes, let the storm of sands flow through you! Now, feast your pupils on this masterpiece below. With programmed pyrotechnics, billowing smoke, and even some Bellagio grade water features, the man upstairs has to be cracking a smirk at this one. The Muse’s Julianne Shepherd said it best, this rig has everything you’d expect from EDC Vegas, minus the creepy owl.

Check out Phipps’ statement from a 2010 interview with Livermore Patch:

“It has 40,000 lights, 30-foot water geysers, 80 computer-controlled channels, 30 floodlights, a high-definition projection, and a 20-foot mega tree. You drive up to the house, tune to the radio station posted outside, and enjoy your own personal Christmas light show.”

In a parallel universe, someone, somewhere, is posted up in front of this house losing their face to StoneBridge on Sirius BPM. And that’s what we’re getting at. Imagine the possibilities of contracting this guy for your own suburban dance party?


H/T The Muse