It’s been an odd few weeks for deadmau5. The producer engaged with Ghastly and Marshmello in Twitter arguments, causing even some of his most dedicated fans to question his motives. Early this morning, deadmau5 posted perhaps his most alarming tweet yet: he considers abandoning the deadmau5 brand and trying out something new.

The tweet received mixed responses, ranging from Laidback Luke encouraging him to experiment with an Aphex Twin style of production that mau5 had told him about in the past, to some fans lamenting the loss of the now-iconic brand. Deadmau5 responded by saying the money doesn’t buy happiness, and admitted his strong opinions have prevented him from having as much fun as he did in the past.

Deadmau5 then clarified that he was considering killing off the brand altogether in response to tweets asking about a potential rebrand.

Two hours after the tweets, deadmau5 responded to Luke’s tweet with an upload of a brand-new song called “00001,” a clear homage to the Aphex Twin-like sound Luke described previously. It’s unclear what will become of the deadmau5 brand after his tweets, but we can at least recognize he’s earned success under other aliases like testpilot. We wish him the best.

Listen to deadmau5’s new track “00001” below: