The release date for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, is almost upon us. So in order to get pumped (and also to reach oneness with the force) check out these fitting remixes.

Darth Punk

If we’re talking about Star Wars adaptations in EDM, of course this had to be our first pick.

We No Speak Cantina

This one just works too well not to include. It’s a mash up of the popular Cantina song with “We No Speak Americano.” Listen to it for long enough and you’ll start having the ‘chicken or egg’ debate with yourself, only musically.

Drop the Force

Thrashing bass and bright synth sabers carve their way through this next one. If you’re ready to blow the roof off of your room or Star Wars party. This is the track for you.

Just Entered Pogospace, We Have

Another funny remix from Pogo, who has a knack for taking scenes from movies and shows and turning it into a remix of layered samples. This one is inspired by Yoda’s scenes.

Don’t Make Me Destroy the Beat

For all the Vader fans, get ready to don your mask and look bad ass. This remix of a Darth & Vader track is as dark and ominous as it is powerful as it shakes your ears.

It’s A Trap!

No, you won’t get rickrolled (in this one). This just mashes up the Robot Chicken ad for Admiral Ackbar Os.

Rebels Theme

When Flux Pavilion was asked to do an official remix for Star Wars, I think all of our lightsabers started buzzing … if you catch my drift.

Imperial March

Two years ago, Dirt Monkey hit us with this massive remix of the “Imperial March” theme from the series. It is still one of the most iconic pieces of music in film to this day, and anyone who hears those foreboding trumpets knows something’s about to go down.

Join The Dark Side

If you’re talking about cinematic music with a twinge of the dark side, of course it has to be Celldweller. Another “Imperial March” rework, this one is decidedly harder.