Diplo and fellow Mad Decent member Bad Royale have just taken Migos‘s hit track, “Look At Me Dab,” and turned it on its head in a wild and high-octane festival trap remix. Banking on the recent ‘dabbing‘ dance trend, the two decided to introduce the craze to the EDM circuit with a flip that’s sure to fit right in amongst the other festival stage mainstays.

While many of the Soundcloud comments describe the track as less than praiseworthy, it’s undeniable that this song will be one heard around the world until the dabbing fad dies out. It’s currently available for free download here.

Beginning with a visceral percussion section and the vocals from the original track, the remix quickly sees a deadly bass line and snap interplay. Soon, a short swell leads into the drop where ludicrous, high-pitched synths shriek their way annoyingly around the space above a rumbling sub bass. After a verse and short break from the energy, the track begins another rise. The second drop begins with double-timed, Jack Ü-esque chaos that inevitably breaks down into the trap beat we’re comfortable with. The verse plays out until the track’s close.

Click here to download the track for free!