Although experimental drum and bass isn’t entirely uncommon, there are a few specific artists that are continuously reliable sources in terms of bending the boundaries of bass music. Rockwell does just that with his brand new 13-track album entitled Obsolete Medium. Now, constructing an album of this specialty is always a fragile task. Maintaining your previously characterized production methods, while still renovating an entirely fresh new sound is rare, but perfectly exemplified in this LP.

From the soulful touches of “Faces” to the screw-facing neck cringer “Technoir” with Breakage, the varying touches are entirely present. With each song, the seeds of Rockwell’s musical genius lay the foundation for a sprouting flavor of new music.

My personal favorite, is “ITSOK2BHAPP-E” Featuring the Sam Binga and Hyroglifics. When I heard this tune, I immediately imagined a 90’s underground warehouse setting, with trembling walls and raging bodies everywhere. Similar to the low end of one of his most popular tunes “Detroit”, this song is is sure to bring the crowd to its knees (trust me, I’ve tested it.)

You can purchase the entire LP here.