Finally, some good news about drugs in America. The past two years have seen an astronomical increase in drug-related incidents in the United States, especially in the dance music scene, where festival transports and deaths seemed to be reported after every major event. While it seemed that young Americans were spiraling down a dangerous path, a recent study by the University of Michigan suggests otherwise.

Their annualĀ Monitoring the Future survey questioned 40,000 teens between 8th – 12th grade and asked them about their drug and alcohol use. While heroin, MDMA, methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana all reported declines, alcohol and cigarette use were at a record low for the survey. The most used drug? Adderall, as 7.5% of high school seniors in the study took the stimulant without a prescription. While the study doesn’t include reasonings as to why drug use has decreased, there’s great hope that the next generation of ravers won’t be plagued by the same tragedies we’ve been accustomed to in the last 1-2 years.

Marijuana use remained consistent, though public perception of the plant continues to improve.

Source: PR News Wire