Many have never heard of AUGUSTII or their muse, Augustus. You won’t see faces, only thought provoking cover photos, drawing inspiration as descendants from the Roman emperor. The music released is unconfined, negating to follow a pattern, with complicated sounds fading into simplicity.

Their cover of “Sorry,” featuring Anthony Pavel, represents a unique interpretation on the over-played Justin Bieber hit. We have to admit, the first time we listened to this cover we had no clue that the vocals were not Bieber himself, it’s that good. With added depth, detail, and personality, they won’t boast and say it’s superior but it’s unquestionably different. It may force you to dance a little more and turn it up a little louder, but that’s the Italian effect.

Their motto is ‘make haste slowly’ so take your time and listen as you wish.  
It is available for free download on AUGUSTII’s Soundcloud Page!