DJ Snake, the sunglasses clad producer from France responsible for a few of 2015’s biggest hits, is releasing an album in 2016.

But before you drop your underwear all the way down, he has one last holiday freebie before everyone gets cozy with family, roasted chestnuts, and whatnot.

Called “Propaganda,” this one is all about letting loose and breaking limits. The discordant synths in the build are a perfect tool to build suspense, and the drop is equally as aggressive. The songwriting is great, incorporating different tempos into the same drop, but the topline is rather basic, and doesn’t present anything new in terms of sound design from the artist.

Either way, this track is likely not for at-home listening, but you might want to strap in when you hear that build coming in the next time you see DJ Snake live.

“Propaganda” is available for free download until 9am PST on December 24th. Get it here.


Image via Rukes