Following his renewed interest in Twitter and the desire to share with fans aspects of his personal life, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, decided to share with us a sampling of his Christmas gifts. Ranging from the cool to the extremely weird and bizarre, Joel has definitely some of the more unique presents we’ve seen this year.

First off Sekanskin, the company behind the infamous Nyan Cat skin for deadmau5’s now sold Ferrari Spider 458 (aka the Purrari).

thanks a million @sekanskin 🙂 got the whole fleet! this is awesome!

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Now on to the weirder gifts… Joel’s friend Grill has some rather…. interesting tastes.

He also got a sweet hybrid snow vehicle, with a custom deadmau5 skin of course.

early Xmas present from @dtvshredder_global

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And, finally, what looks to be a snow plow of sorts for his new-ish property.

perfect for all this snow we have.

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What about you? What did you get for Christmas? Be sure to let us know in the comments!