25 ravers will be tried at Lincoln Magistrates Court in February after facing a pantheon of charges stemming from their involvement in an illegal forest rave in England’s Twyford Woods in May of this year.

From May 23 to the following evening, around 1,000 ravers gathered in the discrete Lincolnshire woods, equipped with sound equipment and vehicles. When noise complaints eventually forced police to arrive on the scene, they were met with attacks and thrown objects by some 200 people. 52 were arrested on site.

Now, seven months later, 25 of those taken into custody have received hearing dates for their court appearances in February.

From Violence Disorder to Theft to Drug Offense, the charges cover a wide range of felonies. The group has been divided in half, and will appear in court on February 11th or the 18th. For a complete list of those charged, and the charges themselves, read below.

For more information on the May forest rave, click here.

Defendants appearing at Lincoln Magistrates Court on February 11, 2016.

  • Ross David Porter, aged 29, Violent Disorder
  • Michael Carden, aged 22, Violent Disorder, theft & drug offence
  • Alfie Clutterham, aged 18, Violent Disorder
  • Joseph Philip Michael Collins, aged 27, Violent Disorder
  • Robert Cooper, aged 20, Violent Disorder
  • Benjamin Jared Moore, aged 20, Violent Disorder
  • Glen More, aged 23, Violent Disorder
  • Benjamin Connor Lewis Richardson, aged 18, Violent Disorder & 1 drugs offence
  • Oliver Rickman-Williams, aged 23, Violent Disorder x 2 & handling stolen goods

Defendants appearing at Lincoln Magistrates Court on February 18, 2016.

  • Zachary John King, aged 20, Violent Disorder
  • Anthony Owens, aged 18, Violent Disorder x 2 & 4 drugs offences
  • Scott Paul Lamond, aged 28, Violent Disorder
  • Adam Sheen, aged 30, Violent Disorder & 1 drugs offence
  • Ashleigh Davies, aged 34, Violent Disorder
  • Anthony Robert Davies, aged 29, Violent Disorder
  • Alan Brown, aged 31, Public Nuisance
  • Richard Higgs, aged 21, Violent Disorder & 1 drugs offence
  • James Tyler Long, aged 22, Violent Disorder x 2
  • Thomas Carling, aged 18, Violent Disorder
  • Joel Limburn, aged 22, Violent Disorder
  • Maggie-Mae Cross, aged 20, Violent Disorder
  • Shea Bruce-Watson, aged 19, Violent Disorder x 2
  • Dale Martin Richard Hopcroft, aged 22, Violent Disorder
  • Dale James Waring, aged 20, Violent Disorder
  • Kieran Wilson, aged 22, Violent Disorder