SubPac is a company that has been in the public consciousness for the past two years, but has probably been an idea for much longer. The goal behind the company, and its products, is to give a tactile dimension to your music listening experience, much like a subwoofer might hit you in the chest at a live show.

Wearing the SubPac M2 is a completely unique adventure because of how easily you can control the level of bass you experience with a simple dial on the power pack. Rather than leaving it up to the sound booth at a show, you are in complete control. Aside from the dial on the pack itself, the bass adjusts to the volume of whatever sound you’re playing.

However, these features have been available on SubPac models before, like on the S2, the seatback model. What makes the M2 special is its portability. A built-in unit allows the M2 to hold a charge, allowing you to take it anywhere you normally go. And though you might get some weird looks for making a bass face on the subway, it’s nothing compared to the pleasure you’ll receive from feeling your favorite track throughout your entire body.

I’ve been using the SubPac for a little over two weeks now, just for casual listening. One of the best parts of the SubPac was having friends come over to try it, and seeing the looks on their faces.

The SubPac has changed the way I listen to music. Plain and simple.

subpac m2 inside view

Though geared slightly more toward beat makers who could make use of another dimension of sound in their production, the SubPac makes for an amazing gift for the audiophile in your life. It is easy to operate and works with any 3.5mm audio jack, meaning that it can work with your phone, computer speakers, and even your gaming console of choice.

Not every product is perfect, however, and there are some small drawbacks. Cable management can be difficult when using it at a desktop computer. With the power cable, line in and line out, three wires are crossing underneath your desk, below your feet, what have you. And with a desk configuration like mine, the power cable and line in actually go in two separate directions. There is a Bluetooth function available with the SubPac M2, as well, but latency can be an issue.

Another small issue is the ambient noise created by the drivers within the device. When the bass is too powerful, or not clean enough from the source audio, it can create a reverberating effect that can be heard around you, which could be slightly distracting to others.

The power pack has a clip that allows for easy movement on any of the backpack’s straps, which are also easily maneuverable for a variety of fittings to keep the SubPac nice and snug. A good fit is strongly recommended to allow you to fully experience the full range of bass notes along the length of the device. A chest strap and adjustable, elastic stomach strap are both provided for excellent customization.

The SubPac M2 is available for order now, and offers free shipping within the US, Canada, and the UK.

Find more information, including a link to purchase the M2, here.