It seems like Justin Bieber is back to being a bad boy for now. His team is under fire for their latest publicity stunt: using graffiti on sidewalks to promote his new Skrillex co-produced album, Purpose.

Members of his team took to the streets of busy cities like New York and San Francisco, spray painting the album’s name and release date on the ground for pedestrians to see. However, the album was released on November 14 and over a month later, the ads still remain visible. Bieber’s team used real spray paint instead of chalk, making the graffiti pretty hard to clean off. The city attorney of San Francisco, Dennis Herrera, is not impressed, stating:

[The graffiti] irresponsibly tells our youth that like-minded lawlessness and contempt for public property are condoned and encouraged by its beneficiaries — including Mr. Bieber and the record labels that produce and promote him

The city is asking for cooperation in cleaning up the ads, saying the campaign is “illegally exploiting” the city of San Francisco. If Bieber and his team do not cooperate, they will face legal action, including fines of $2,500 per site.

There’s no word from Justin or his team yet, we’ll update the article as news comes in.