It was a big year for Kaskade. The American DJ and producer continued his legacy in 2015 with his ninth studio album Automatic, a massive appearance at Coachella, and another GRAMMY nomination for his remix of Galantis’ “Runaway (U&I).” In addition to all of this, he’s still continued with a busy touring schedule, which recently included ZoukOut and round of interviews in Singapore earlier this month.

In the interview, Kaskade commented on an array of topics including his GRAMMY nomination, his first since 2013:

I don’t think it matters as far as the creation process goes, but it is nice to be recognized by your peers. It’s like you come home and go, ‘oh, it’s nice to get an award.’ It’s not what I strive to do. For me, it’s more about playing great shows and writing. If my peers think it’s great, it’s the cherry on top.

He also made a few key points about the ongoing problem of drug use at festivals:

Are we doing enough? I feel like most promoters are forthcoming and direct because there have been so many problems in the past. You put [disclaimers] on cigarettes and alcohol, but they’re still on there. At one point, it becomes redundant. People in the community are finally beginning to speak up. I think there is a good dialogue around this issue. I don’t know what more we can do, but it’s possible to enjoy these parties sober.

Unlike most interviews, he was asked about music piracy, which doesn’t seem to be a major concern to artists EDM industry as it is to pop, rock, and other artists:

I’m not worried about people not buying the music – I’m a touring artist. Listen, it’d be wonderful if everyone bought the music or streamed it off such services. But what’s most important is that people hear the music. Whether downloading illegally or streaming off sites that don’t pay, it doesn’t bother me – I want them to hear it first. If somebody hears a song and it motivates them to get it, I think it’s important that they turn up at the show and hear the catalogue of music that I make.

Kaskade even managed to find time to mention that he’s been speaking with Diplo about the possibility of a collaboration, saying, “That dude has a crazier schedule than mine. I’m sure one of these days, it’ll happen.”

To find out his thoughts on the growing Asian EDM landscape as well as which producer he’s reached out to for a collab, read the full interview here.