The festive Christmas holiday period is usually one for cheer, but if you’re a resident of Birmingham, Alabama odds are things haven’t been so great for you lately. A Christmas day tornado resulted in widespread flooding which has spread out of Birmingham into neighboring counties as well.

Enter superstar DJ Bassnectar, who will play a massive New Year’s Eve party in Birmingham with an expected attendance of almost 20,000, who has graciously pledged that his upcoming show will also be hosting a charity drive of “food, water, and clothing” for victims of the extreme weather in and around Birmingham. As a DJ, Bassnectar is known for his for extremely tight-knit community affectionately known as the Bass Network and it is his hope that these same fans can come together and bring some Christmas cheer into the lives of those who desperately need it.

Taking to his website, Bassnectar called for donations of bottled water, canned goods, socks, underwear, personal hygiene items and more in addition to this statement to his fans.

“And while we could not be more PUMPED for the 31st, we must take a moment to acknowledge the recent severe weather Birmingham has experienced and the damage that took place. There are a number of people who lost their homes and belongings due to a tornado, plus a large number of people who were put in danger from flooding due to the heavy rains & storms.”

For fans unavailable to make it to the Birmingham show, but would still like to contribute in whatever way they can Bassnectar has also linked the donation pages on his website for The Red Cross and the Firehouse Shelter.


H/T: Bassnectar | Featured Image Source: Bassnectar