I’ll be the first to admit it – I love loud music. Always have.

And I’m sure most of you music lovers out there do, too.

I’m always finding myself itching to turn that volume knob up, trying to immerse myself into the music just a little bit more. But as I continually find myself in extremely loud, yet obviously awesome, settings, I’ve realized that each time I put in those ear buds, I shove them in a little further and drag that volume up a little higher.

I don’t know about you, but I plan on being able to experience not only music, but sound itself, for the rest of my life.

Today, with more ways than ever to listen to loud music, whether it be at live shows or through your car speakers, the risk of hearing loss is almost inevitable without proper protection.

But with EarPeace high fidelity hearing protection you don’t have to sacrifice style, comfort and, most importantly, the quality of sound in order to ensure your ears.


The extremely comfortable and soft hypoallergenic silicone ear plugs simply turns down the volume without distorting any sound.

I put EarPeace to the test over this holiday season in settings everywhere from family dinners to New Year’s Eve shows.

And boy, oh boy was I impressed.

The earplugs came in a sleek keychain aluminum carrying case with two filter sets for high or medium level protection. EarPeace even throws in an extra earplug, for people like me who will probably eventually lose one.


After reading the instructions and placing them in my ears, I was immediately surprised by the clarity of sound I was still able to hear in every situation. I not only could hear my associates talk to me over Dillon Francis killin’ it on NYE, but I was also able to immerse myself in the music when it came time to stop working and start playing. I could hear my soft-spoken cousin while my aunt was loudly talking with my mom. I could even wear my earplugs in quiet settings with one other person talking to me. And I quickly began to prefer to be wearing them.

When you can discreetly wear them, why not? Not one person noticed I was wearing them, there weren’t any unexpected loud city sirens painfully penetrating my ears at random, and after a minute or two I forgot I was wearing them!

Beginning at $12.95 for the original earplug, hearing loss has never been so easily preventable.

So call the ‘rents, finally admit they’ve been right all these years and buy yourself some EarPeace hearing protection so you can still party even when you’re old af.

Check out the EarPeace WEBSITE to get yours today.