For those not aware, the electronic music community, especially in the ’70s and ’80s, was built around the idea of acceptance and tolerance of all walks of life. It’s why electronic music became a safe haven and home-away-from-home for those who felt like they didn’t belong in normal society at the time. Throughout the years, EDM, as it is now most commonly referred to, has gained more mainstream popularity and has spread to nearly every corner of the globe, as well as various multimedia formats. However, that notion of acceptance and love, PLUR, if you will, has never changed.

Early last year in 2015, EVOLVEFEST was mired in a scandal of hateful speech and bigotry after its ideals of homophobia and anti-Semitism were brought to light. The festival had its ticketing pulled by Eventbrite, and the venue dissolved their contract with the promoters, stating that they “[would] absolutely not tolerate, support, endorse, or align ourselves with any organization that fails to see the value in diversity and equality.”

The festival, now labeled as a Community page on Facebook, further evidence of its fall from grace, was largely out of mind, out of sight for the remainder of 2015. After all, four months later, the dance community had producer Ten Walls to deal with. However, the page is now under fire again for recent homophobic statements made about the LGBTQ community.

evolvefest hate speech

EVOLVEFEST is not breaking any laws by voicing its opinions. It is not against the law to be against gay marriage, and for “traditional” values, whatever those may be. The issue comes with its status, albeit tenuous, in the dance music community. Like it was stated earlier, the community was founded on values of acceptance and love – this organization aims to trample on that legacy.

A quick examination of the EVOLVEFEST page will reveal its wildly outdated, and sometimes dangerous, beliefs. In the past 48 hours, people who have learned of the page’s hatred and intolerance have flooded its comment sections with dissenting opinions and harsh criticisms. Hundreds of allies and people whose tolerance doesn’t depend on shaky “moral” grounds voiced their support of the LGBTQ community, and fiercely admonished EVOLVEFEST’s hate-filled views.

The response from the page was to question the “Logic of the Sodomites.”

No location or ticket information has been released for the 2016 installment of the festival. However, since the page and its owners seem incapable of removing its foot from its mouth, it is unlikely that the festival will move forward in 2016.

Your EDM as an organization is vehemently against any sort of anti-Semitic or homophobic speech, and we would encourage any of our readers who share our ideals to not support the actions of a clearly hateful event in the future.