Tomorrow, French producer Chahine will officially release his thank-you track for achieving 6,000 followers on his own Soundcloud account. After a whirlwind year of original releases and his recent inclusion in record label Rooftops Horizon‘s roster, Chahine has decided to ring in 2016 with “Bae,” an optimistic future bass swayer chock full of layered synth ripples and stings of brass. As the new year begins, he’ll also be joining artists Rusty Hook, Point Point and San Holo at Showcase Paris near the end of this month.

“Bae” begins with a fast-paced piano interlude and guitar licks above a resonating kick drum. The vibe instantly spells “calm and cool,” until a series of ethereal bell flicks leads upwards into the drop. Wavering holds of synth and a rumbling sub bass characterize the main melody, while the bells and hi hat rolls occupy the top end. Eventually, a pitched vocal syllable takes over for the synth, and the song begins to evolve into its next form. The piano and acoustic guitar make a return once more, creating room for the next drop to begin.

Listen to the exclusive preview of “Bae” a day early below, and check back tomorrow for a free download link.