Though vinyl purists exist in all corners of the industry, they’re perhaps most vocal in the DJing community.

It’s not exactly hard to understand why – as an analog and physical format, as opposed to compressed/digital, vinyl has the greatest opportunity to convey the clearest and truest sound. However, the Pioneer line of mixers and CDJs have become the industry standard for a reason, and that’s because of their quality.

The CDJ-2000 and DJM-900 can be found in most nightclubs these days, and any budding DJ is likely to fool around with it early on in their career. They present unparalleled control over mixing and effects while DJing, owing to their complex software and simple design. And now, it’s about to get an upgrade.

In a video simply titled #NXS2, after their Nexus line, Pioneer employs pioneer DJs Kaskade and Erick Morillo to introduce the new hardware. Though it’s mostly blurs and quick cuts, these devices will likely present another epic change in how music is delivered to audiences at shows.

The full reveal is in three days, on January 12.


H/T Dancing Astronaut