Louis The Child received critical acclaim in 2015 in large part thanks to their hit crossover track, “It’s Strange,” and a nod from Taylor Swift certainly didn’t hurt either. The duo returned this week to drop not just one, but TWO remixes.

Odds are you’ve already heard the first. Their remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Blasé” has already amassed over 300K SoundCloud streams in just three days while shooting straight to the top of the HypeM remix charts, as well. With an undeniably catchy hook consisting of ‘blasé’ which I’m told is a term meaning “unimpressed or indifferent,” this track is somehow turned on its head from west-coast hip-hop anthem into an interesting trap track complete with hypnotic, head-nod inducing bass lines.

Interestingly enough, remix #2 couldn’t be any farther across the musical spectrum. Swedish indie pop Miike Snow, home to one-half of Galantis in fact, are known for their smash hits “Black & Blue” and “Paddling Out,” but now it seems it’s their turn to receive the Louis The Child remix treatment. “Genghis Khan” is the upcoming single from their third album iii and Louis The Child stays true to their formula of smooth chords and interesting instrumental progression to create the ultimate laid-back track.

So on one side of the spectrum we have the west coast hip hop anthem, and on the other side we have the Swedish indie pop track – which one was your favourite remix?