Axwell & Ingrosso have dangled yet another carrot in front of us with the release of the video for ‘Dream Bigger.’ Or rather, that carrot is upside down and we, the viewer, are descending into it as if it were a black hole of dreams. Some of it you’ll recognize (New York’s Flat Iron Building makes several cameos), and with some of it you’ll make your own meaning after seeing it again and again. Overall though, the instrumental for ‘Dream Bigger’ lends itself to this triangular trippy world continuously as it consumes the viewer. The distinct Justice-esque vibes are a perfect catalyst for the audio-visual mindfuck of the video.

The video comes following the Spotify premiere of the track on New Year’s Eve. With the full scope of the track releasing in pieces like this, all we can do is wait for the next carrot (the addition of vocals by Pharrell) to appear. Maybe one day the biggest of their golden carrots (a full album from the duo) will drop. But when that happens remains to be seen though we expect it some time this year. For now, take a moment and dive into an experience that only two former members of the Swedish House Mafia can give us, one that blows our minds: