For most average listeners, a new piece of music shows up in iTunes, they download the track, put it on whatever media player they prefer, and listen to the music. The thought of how music is created, especially in the electronic music realm, rarely crosses their minds.

That’s why it’s so important and interesting when artists like Flux Pavilion and Martin Garrix demonstrate their studio process. It can ignite a deeper desire for understanding the method behind how a track is created – in some cases, this might even lead to inspiration in an artist’s younger demographic.

The 15-minute video shows him working on a track, beginning with a basic melody and bassline, and skips forward to the point where he almost has a complete draft ready. There is a time skip, so it’s not done strictly in 15 minutes, but he says that he gets his ideas down pretty quick. However, it’s still about “20 to 30 hours” he says before a final product is even close to completion.


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