My own personal music tastes are quite selective, and that applies doubly to house music. I’ve never been too much about it, preferring to engage more with heavy bass music. That being said, when I hear a great house track, I make note of it and play the ever-living shit out of it until my ears bleed.

Such is the case with this latest remix from Kayliox, taking “Beat The Sunrise” from SNBRN and making it a heavy future house banger.

Now, “banger” can be misused. It can be abused. It can be misplaced. With the great power [behind the word] comes great responsibility, so it goes. And so I offer up the notion that this is a banger with bated breath, hoping that you listen to this and concur. For one, the synths are darker and heavier than in typical future house. Even the rhythm, punctuated and staccato, makes for a unique interpretation on the classic style of house music.

Check it out below, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.