Firepower Records, headed up by bass master Datsik, is known for its filth and heaviness.

This one, however, aims a little different. Zack The Lad has been producing for at least the past two years (at least that’s the earliest upload on his Soundcloud), and his debut Firepower EP,¬†Black Sheep, is quite accurately titled. His brand of music would certainly make him the black sheep amongst the rest of the Firepower roster – we’re not complaining one bit, though.

“Make Me Move” is full of that kind of musical quality you only find in EDM every so often: the Lidos, the Haywyres, you know the type. Zack blends a couple different thematic motifs to produce a completely unique sound that is his, and his alone. It’s all at once rather uplifting, and at the same time, terribly melancholic. You might find yourself eyes closed, swaying softly as the processed vocals croon; another time, you might focus on the almost subtle hi-hats in the mix, pushed against the guitar and piano, hands up in the air in the club.

The versatility and musicianship behind just a single track like this is why Zack The Lad is really someone that you should be looking out for.

Black Sheep is out 1/29.