It’s no secret that Arty is a huge fan of League of Legends; anybody who considers him- or herself a regular on the YourEDM broadcast channel has seen his legendary Vayne plays as a part of the Your EDM Gaming Team.

While it might be one thing to just be an avid player, Arty is taking his fandom to another level by joining forces with a few other dance music stars, including Jauz, Marshmello, Mako, Vicetone, and more, to contribute remixes to the free League of Legends dance music remix album.

Warsongs features remixes of various in-game tracks and is available to both stream and download for free regardless of whether or not you have a League of Legends account. Some tracks, such as “PROJECT: Yi” and “The Boy Who Shattered Time” are themes for various League of Legends champions while “Worlds Collide,” among others, served as the theme for the past 2015 World Championships.

Tracklist ‘Warsongs’
1 Piercing Light (Mako Remix)
2 Edge of Infinity (Minnesota Remix)
3 Welcome to Planet Urf (Jauz Remix)
4 PROJECT: Yi (Vicetone Remix)
5 Flash Funk (Marshmello Remix)
6 Let The Games Begin (Hyper Potions Remix)
7 Worlds Collide (Arty Remix)
8 The Glory (James Egbert Remix)
9 The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)
10 Lucidity (Dan Negovan Remix)
11 Silver Scrapes (ProtoShredanoid Remix)

Stream the full album below and grab a copy of the download here which serves as perfect background music for all you avid video gamers out there. For those eager to catch a glimpse of Arty’s plays, he’s a regular participant alongside Fareoh, and other members of the Your EDM Team on Tuesdays 7 to 10 PM PST here!