The dawn of each new year brings about the emergence of a new class of emerging artists ready to make their mark on dance music. In 2014, there was Kygo and Thomas Jack waiting in the wings as stars-in-the-making, while 2015 saw artists like Louis the Child start the year as relative unknowns before catching fire.

With 2016 upon us, there are plenty of artists waiting for their chance, but none are as primed for success as AVNU. The South African-based producer has been producing music and studying sound design for nearly six years now, giving him a strong ear for crafting beautiful soundscapes, and he’s making his debut with a stunning remix of Rozes’ “Fragile” that puts his various strengths on display.

AVNU lays a bed of luscious piano riffs and shimmering synth melodies that offer the perfect backdrop for Rozes’ stand-out vocals. The soaring woodwind arrangements and the warm bass line harken back to happy memories of a warm summer day on the Venice boardwalk, as AVNU takes you from wherever you are in the world and bring you into this world. AVNU’s remix of “Fragile” is up as a free download, so get it here.