Courtesy of Dine Alone Records, we couldn’t be more excited to present the premier of CallMeBones’ tearjerking interpretation of “Gasoline.” Preserving the essence of Dave Monks’ original, this remix maintains that same road trippin’ guitar progression while pitching down the vocals to suit a deeper atmosphere. And yes, that painfully gorgeous piano melody is kept intact.

Starting out as a fairly unadulterated remix, CallMeBones gradually makes himself known, dipping the arrangement into a subtly bass-driven house tune. Overlaid with sauntering guitar and audacious synth design, the breakdown capitalizes on a playful dreamland of embellishments before withdrawing to an echoed clap and vocals. It’s an absolutely delightful interpretation, and here’s what Dave Monks had to say about the remix:

“Matt Bowen (aka CallMeBones) is a friend of mine and a super-talented hip-hop/dance producer/know it all. I love how he let the pitch of the vocals drop when he lowered the tempo. It brings the song into totally new territory yet keeps the “song-ness” intact. And then the parts where the bass comes in is great, of course.”