Flume has given us a sparkling sneak peak behind the curtain of his new album, Skin, with today’s release of “Never Be Like You” feat. Kai. This preview features slick synth runs and and a beat that fades in and out of  strings with ease. At last, we have the phenomenal Flume that we’ve been wanting more of.

Solid vocals by Kai explore the themes of transgression and forgiveness with a luminous intensity. Better still, its production doesn’t try to contain Flume’s creativity. The full string chords and beats echo in three dimensions as they reach out to be embraced by the ears; the off-beat snares and experimental percussion are also great to focus in on. So sit back and treat yourself to another journey into Flume. Both your ears and your imagination will thank you.

You can get it here: smarturl.it/FlumeNBLY