Looking for some fresh, outside-the-box, electronic music? Then look no further, because Noah Neiman has the solution to your problems. Seems the Texan is on quite the hot streak lately, as last year’s “Gasoline” wrapped up a solid year of releases on multiple labels. Now he’s back with his new EP, Mind After Midnight Vol. 1, a collection of soothing

The EP opens with the downtempo “Meteorites,” an ephemeral tune made better with Haliene’s breathy lyrics. The vibe gets even dreamier with “So Ready” ft. Linney, who appeared on one of Enhanced’s biggest hits “Voices.” The second track could even be seen as a vocal progressive trance song, given how the video game-esque synth scale resemblse a few of Enhanced’s releases late last year. Rounding out the trip is “You Are,” with the familiar vocals of Meredith Call, who helps the tune straddle the line between electronic and indie dance.

Overall, this EP is not only strong, but a welcome change to Enhanced’s traditional progressive house catalog. Noah Neiman creates a trio of genre building, chill tracks that are perfect for winding down after a long day. If this is just Volume 1 of his EP series, we’re already on pins and needles waiting for the next in the series. Listen to samplers of Mind After Midnight EP Vol. 1 below, and pick up a copy ASAP on Beatport.