Ask most people who have been to an EDM event in 2015, and they’ll tell you that they heard “Deep Down Low” getting drops. It was ubiquitous in its presence across the world, and it was able to snag the title of “Most Played Track” by DJs in their sets for 2015.

The music video was released by OWSLA yesterday, amidst varying degrees of “wtf” and “this is amazing.” And today, we have the special pleasure of premiering the VIP Mix for “Deep Down Low.” The intro and drop are extremely similar, but the track really begins to shine in its little modifications and embellishments. Synths are switched out, or rhythms are altered – you might not notice them at first, but the more you listen to it, the easier it becomes.

The “Deep Down Low” VIP Mix, as well as other remixes, are available now via the links below the video.


Download “Deep Down Low” + the remixes:
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Also check out the official music video for “Deep Down Low” below!