It’s not surprising anymore to see many products try to advertise towards fans of electronic dance music these days. As one of the most popular and surging genres in recent music history, a bunch of companies are trying harder and harder to catch the attention of the EDM demographic, for better or worse.

In this case, we find one such example with BoomBoom Energizing Inhalers; a product that acts as an energy drink for your nose. Through their social medias, BoomBoom shared a thirty-second ad showing young adults at a music festival of the EDM variety passing around these little sticks and…..snorting them?

Enjoy energy and refreshment in a whole new way — through the nose!

Posted by BoomBoom on Thursday, January 14, 2016

The situation being advertised seems a bit farfetched. Imagine having a fun time at a music festival, your favorite artist is about to take the stage, you and the people around you are having a good time when a stranger next to you passes you a stick and expects you to shove it up your nose. I mean, you wouldn’t immediately assume that this tiny bottle was filled with cocaine (because coke is expensive and nobody shares it), but at the same time this ad leaves the worst to the imagination. Maybe if BoomBoom did more in their commercial to talk about what exactly their product is and what it’s for, it wouldn’t look as shady and confusing as it comes off. In the entirety of this ad, no mention of the words Energizing Inhaler (which I had to look up writing this article) come up and the comments section of the video are riddled with people saying it’s competition for Vick’s or saying that children are will start snorting everything in site.

According to their website, BoomBoom sticks (pun intended) are inhalers that combine menthol and natural, essential oils in order to deliver energy, stimulation, and refreshment. They can also “affect mood, focus, and breath” for positive results claiming that their product is a new brand to a “practice that has been apart of eastern medicine for centuries”.

Hopefully the next time BoomBoom wants to advertise their product to any demographic, they may want to disclose what their product is to begin with.