UPDATE 1:30pm | We’ve received new information that suggests that the accounts following Intrepids were potentially hacked. We’re looking at more information as this story develops.

Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead both have their own extremely loyal and passionate fanbases, perhaps one more than the other, but rarely do these two entities intersect. They’ve played shows together in the past, notably Dead Rocks this past July, but as Six Thirty points out, they’ve never been involved in production together, not so much as remixing each other’s music.

However, a fresh mystery artist Intrepids could be something worth looking taking a closer look at.

It wasn’t until Six Thirty made the connection that we started to look a little closer ourselves. Aside from the evidence they already put forth, including reposts on tracks and the sound of the tracks themselves, their Soundcloud account is already followed by NGHTMRE, Kill The Noise, KSHMR, Tchami, Autograf, and of course Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead.

dillon francis zeds dead repost intrepids

Their first track, 11 days ago, was a remix of Grandtheft. Dillon, Zeds Dead, and Grandtheft are all a part of the Mad Decent extended family, adding more credence to the theory.

Intrepids’ other tracks, an original and a Rusko remix, are both equally sound like what a Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead collaboration might.

At the moment, there is no solid evidence to support the identity of Intrepids as anything other than a supported 3rd party. However, the circumstantial breadcrumbs surrounding its fledgling career point to a larger producer behind the scenes; and the “We.” in the Soundcloud bio suggests more than one party. Their Facebook description also reads, “Some friends making music at the hotel before the shows,” so the likelihood of traveling/touring producers is essentially confirmed.

It’s always fun to speculate on who a mystery artist could be, though we hope that it isn’t permanent in this case. We’d love to have a peek under the mask.

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Special thanks to The Six Thirty for doing the legwork on this one.