Last September, we reported on Deadmau5‘s mysterious Entropy tour and the name’s unfortunate section 40 trademark. Back then, alongside the release of a teaser video, Joel tweeted out that he’d have to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new name for his project. Now, however, it appears he’s sorted out the situation and regained proper access to the title. On his Instagram yesterday, he uploaded two new preview videos of the upcoming project, each with a Project Entropy heading.

The first, “Alice Awakens,” seems to use a short sample of the bouncy Mos Eisley cantina song from Star Wars, alongside a slow, militaristic percussion section. It’s presented with long wipes of distorted pink shades across a mixing board.

Project Entropy – “Alice awakens”

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The second, “Hopes Theme,” is characterized by scattered blips, some sharp and high-pitched and others drawn out and deep. In contrast to “Alice Awakens,” this sound feels like a far more familiar one coming from Deadmau5. The accompanying video uses dark purples, reds and greens that flow along another piece of hardware.

Project Entropy – “Hopes Theme”

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To satiate you even further until more information is unveiled about Deadmau5’s new project, watch the teaser video from late last year below.

Visual effects in the instagram posts courtesy of Hyperspektiv.