Los Angeles native Thrills has just reemerged back into the public’s eye with a powerful, new original track called “Same Ol’,” produced by Lone Kawan and Bradley Hartley. With a complex, optimistic beat and a straightforward, honest series of verses, the track comes as a subtle wake up call for the music industry at large while maintaining a satisfying and movement-inducing approachability. It’s currently available for free download here.

“While looking for the last couple songs to finish my album, I met two guys (Lone Kawan x Bradley Hartley) through a mutual connect and they sonically gave me what I was missing.  Ironically, at the time I was bored with a lot of the sounds and beats I was getting or making.  Same ol came at the right time to let out my frustrations about this cookie cutter time period we’re in.”
The song begins with deep, resounding tones above soft percussion hits and the distant echoes of Thrills’s vocals. The kick drum becomes more prominent as the melody begins to emerge, eventually erupting into a clear and upfront swell of overlapping notes and trills. Thrills touches on the staleness of the music scene and even his own work as sharp, fast-paced hi hats roll above the fray.

Click here to download the track for free!