Shortly after we shared our article speculating on the identity of Intrepids, specifically that it was Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead, Dillon Francis responded to us on Twitter that it was false. Furthermore, he had not willingly followed Intrepids at all, nor reposted the track.

We were expecting maybe a winky face or a “lol sorry nope,” but Dillon’s response was far outside our expectations. After this revelation, and a tweet from Zeds Dead that seemed to also disprove our theory, we went looking even harder.

zeds dead tweet intrepids
dillon francis asking hack

It turns out it wasn’t just NGHTMRE, Kill The Noise, KSHMR, Tchami, Autograf, Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead following Intrepids. It was also GTA, Deltabeatz, Henry Fong, Quix, Diplo, Fool’s Gold, Borgore, Mad Decent, and strangest of all, Steve Aoki, who (normally) only follows one page, Dim Mak Records (which is also following Intrepids).

steve follows intrepids

We reached out to Intrepids over email, and he/she/they deny allegations of any hacking, stating, “We have no idea, we only want to make music.” We’ve reached out to a few of the affected parties, but have yet to hear anything back.

So if Intrepids isn’t Dillon Francis and Zeds Dead, then who are they? And how did so many A-List producers come to be following their page? The plot thickens.